New Website for Plunkett Properties

We launched our new website this week and I am thrilled with the new look and feel. I hope visitors will find it a friendlier and easier site to maneuver and I am thinking about adding new features, such as this blog, to be more interactive with the clients I work with.

Real Estate is a "people" profession and I've met many people over the 30 years that I've owned Plunkett Properties. I'm always amazed with how many come back to me years later for their subsequent real estate needs. Relationship building is a major component of my business as well as my own personal philosophy. It's clear in my tagline: We will get you home quicker. I view the service I perform on a personal level - a "home" instead of a house or apartment.

I hope this new website communicates the information you need not only from Plunkett Properties, but I will be re-blogging items I believe would be of interest for Renters, Buyers, Landlords and Condo Owners. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, I'm always interested in hearing how I can help drive a closer and more productive relationship.

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