Is Your Home Your Happy Place?

As most everyone knows, DisneyWorld is the "happiest place on Earth". It is their tagline, and anyone who has experienced DisneyWorld would tend to agree . . . unless they visited during school vacation week.

We all have our happy place, whether it is a favorite quiet spot in the park, a vacation house by the ocean, or in front of a fire at your favorite ski lodge. Our happy place, however, should be where we live since we spend the majority of our lives there! Town events, community interactions, friendly neighbors -- safe and happy towns that offer great outdoor spaces, a sense of aesthetics and good schools are all high on people's list when they start looking for a new home.

Zippia just released a report on the happiest towns in Massachusetts -- and Winchester, where I live and Plunkett Properties is based, ranked as #2 behind Longmeadow, MA. They based their findings on how people live in the town, percent of home ownership, and percentage of people that had a job. Also, commute time also played a part in the criteria, as did education level and average income.

You can check out the full list here on Zippia's website and see where your town ranked. And, if you decide you need to move to some place "happier" - give me a call.

#Buyers #Renters

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