Celebrating July 5 with Historic Homes

If you live in or near Winchester, you know we have many beautiful older homes -- but did you know that many of these venerable homes were added to the National Register of Historic Places 27 years ago today on July 5, 1989?

Sanborn House

In total, Winchester has 61 Historic Homes and 7 historic districts listed in the National Register.

There were only three homes listed before 1989-- the Sanborn House (right), Philemon Wright/Asa Locke Farm (below) and, around the corner from there, the Capt. Josiah Locke House (above). And, there were also a three buildings listed pre-1989: the Town Hall, Post Office, and Winchester Savings Bank.

On July 5, 1989, the addition of many other beautiful homes and districts around town commemorated our community's history of strong families, well-built homes, and an eye to preservation and aesthetics.

You can learn more about our many historic neighborhoods and a history of many of the homes around town by checking out the National Register listing for Winchester.

If you ever dreamed of living in a historical home -- or in a town full of these stately gems -- give me a call and we can explore the town for your next home.


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